Vedant Ghodke, 30th May

As we saw in the last blog, System-On-Chip (SoC) Security Policies, there are several security policies that have been demarcated for the purpose of prevention of attacks on SoCs. However, these policies require stricter enforcement for improvement in the pre-existing security systems.

The topic of Security Policy Enforcement is vital for enforcing security policies that are imperative for ensuring security at the hardware level. The following sections discuss a number of security policies and a “Centralized Policy Definition Architecture,” which is responsible for enforcing security policies.

SoC security architecture based on E-IIPS for efficient implementation of diverse security policies.

Centralized Policy Definition Architecture

Current industrial practice in implementing security policies follow a distributed…

Vedant Ghodke, 30th April

As we saw in the last blog, System-On-Chip (SoC) — Security Design And Modelling, SoC security is driven by the requirement to protect system assets against unauthorized access. Such access control can be defined by confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) requirements. The goal of a security policy is to map the requirements to “actionable” design constraints that can be used by IP implementers, or SoC integrators, to develop protection mechanisms. Next, we present two examples of SoC security policies.

  • Example 1: During boot time, data transmitted by the crypto engine cannot be observed by any IP…

Vedant Ghodke, 30th March

In modern computing systems, the hardware and software stack coordinate with each other to implement the system functionality. The previous researches have focused on security issues of the hardware itself, and have not covered another important aspect of hardware security that concerns providing an infrastructure for secure software execution. In particular, the role of hardware in protecting the assets stored in a chip or PCB (as discussed in An Overview — Systems-On-Chips (SOCs) And Their Security Risks) from malicious software have not been described in detail.

Similarly, protection of the data/code of one application from another…

Vedant Ghodke| 25th February, 2021

A System-On-Chip (SOC) is a microchip with all the necessary electronic circuits and parts for a given system, such as a smartphone or wearable computer, on a single integrated circuit (IC). Semiconductors are becoming more vulnerable to attacks at each new process node due to thinner materials used to make these devices, as well as advances in equipment used to simulate how those chips behave.

The SOC market is projected to grow to over $207 billion by 2023 according to a report released earlier this year. SOC technology is found across all industries and is…

Vedant Ghodke

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